Effective Moisture Control in Newport News, VA

Moisture can lead to fungal growth and damages to the home. It is also inviting to many insects, including termites. Along with Colonial Exterminating Co. Inc.'s pest control benefits, moisture control prevents structural damage that could require expensive repairs. Let us repair any structural damage moisture has caused in your home and help you prevent future issues.

Moisture Correction for the Crawl Space

Wood Destroying Fungus

  • Wood destroying fungi eats wooden members causing weakening of the structure.
  • Moisture from the ground and outside air is the main cause of moisture problems in crawl spaces.
  • Wood becomes discolored, spongy, and musty when wood destroying fungi is present.
  • The rate of wood decay caused by wood destroying fungi depends on the moisture level, temperature, and type of fungi.
  • Three major types of wood destroying fungi are; white rot, brown rot and water conducting fungi or "dry rot."
  • Mold is not wood destroying but can help cause the moisture content in the wood to rise high enough to start a wood destroying fungi.
  • At a 20% or lower wood moisture content, wood-destroying fungi is inactive. Fungi can become active at any time with an increase in the moisture level.

Did you know…

You breathe the air in your crawl space. Forty-percent of the air in your crawl is circulated into your home. Your home continuously draws air from the crawl and the crawl replaces that air with outside air, this is known as the chimney effect.

If the air in your crawl has moisture, fungus/mold spores, and/or insect debris, you could be circulating that dirty air right into your home, which could lead to health issues.

  1. Treat wooden members with fungicide to kill any active fungi
  2. Sealing all foundation vents
  1. Installing poly vapor barrier [100% ground coverage]
  2. Placing a dehumidifier in the crawl space

Why Should You Seal Your Crawl Space?

It used to be thought that allowing air ventilation in the crawl would correct a moisture condition. It has since been found that circulating outside air into the crawl has sustained moisture problems due to the level of humidity in the air.

When hot and humid air enters the cool crawl space, moisture accumulates on the wooden structure creating an environment for fungus growth and wood damages. Moisture in the crawl space could also lead to insulation, ductwork, and plumbing damages as well as a breeding environment for insects.
Dominion Power
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-Robert K.